Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Mystery

This is a true story.

I have a toilet in my house, well everyone does.
After we use it, should we flush? Yes, because we don't want to smell poop stinks all over in our home.
This is a normal thing we do, but it happened weirdly at my house.

I saw something dark in the toilet, shivering and hiding quietly. Not inside the toilet bowl, but inside a pail of water beside it.
Yes, inside the pail of water, sinking underwater, creepy and silently.

It was red brown-yellow , darker in colour.

It's poop! Or you called it shit.

It is an ordinary poop that stinks of course but it was disgusting! I nearly spit out my lunch at that awkward moment.

What would be your first reaction when you saw that?


 I ran to my mum, "Mum, there is poop in the toilet!"
"Of course there is, it is the toilet."
"No, you gotta see this!"
She saw it and luckily she didn't screamed. My grandma had removed it courageously ( I think so, its too disgusting for me ) and save the day. But questions popped out into my brain, my small creative thinking generator I called it.

Who did this?????

It's a mystery, let's start to investigate.
The poop is sinking below, touching the bottom of the pail of water. It's still in nice condition, not breaking into pieces or dissolved. So it's fresh, just happened that day. But who?
I gotta admit. I have this special ability I think God given to me. I can smell poop and differentiate who's poop is that. I know all the smells of my family members'poop. Eww, don't be jealous, that's my talent.
But the poop sank underwater, I can't smell it and I don't even dare to watch it, yucks. I didn't walk into the toilet for the whole day and I felt don't want to poop again in my whole entire life.

Was it dad?
Nope, he went to work. By the way, his poop stinks with cigaratte flavour. You know, he smokes although been scolded by us everyday.
No, its not that smell. She was teaching tuition at my house that time.
No again, she's in her room and doing homework!
Of course not! I'm the one that is going to use the toilet!


Her legs were weak and hard to squad. (Its a toilet bowl which you squad, not sit) But is it possible? Why inside the pail of water? The direction was totally different and clearly not too mear to the toilet bowl.
Is she blind? No, she reads the newspaper everyday. She can see things clearly, rarely put on her 60's glasses.
The tuition students?
No way, none of them came out to pee or poop.
Spooky. How could a person turns to the right and poop into the pail of water? Or was the shit too long and break? Accidentally fell into the pail of water?
Someone tried to make a joke? Or was that done by animals?

It's an unsolved mystery. Beware.


sweetheart said...

omg,, hahahahahahahahaha.. i keep holding my laughter la.. so funny la.. lol.. still dun noe who? u ran to tell ur mom when she was tuitioning?

❤tzhui卉 said...

wahaha xDD
Oh, ms. yeoh still teaching tuition?
gotta miss her tuition so much ^^

rOuRoU♥ said...

Hahahahaha~~~really funny...

p/s:Eating chocolate when I read your blog.LOL.

shelhiel said...

sweetheart: haha funny meh? its true!!!! yes i ran to her><
hui:XD huh? u noe my mum got tuition??
rou: oh no! ur chocolate wil taste like.. XD

Chea said...
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❤tzhui卉 said...

i went for her tuition since i was standard 1 and 2. ^^