Friday, October 30, 2009

I will never sit Wei Kai's motorcycle again.

Chi Ren, Jia Wei, Xin Yuan, ZhiYee, Cuing Hui, Eng Keat, Wei Kai and me. Everyone fought hard to this far.. the final! (but Wei Kai and me never won a match==). Yeah, guess what??
WE..... lost. Never mind, i thought. At least i got a "Naib johan lelaki bergu". Haha..
Wei Kai said, "Let's go for a ride!" And I believed him. Oh man.
So, Wei Kai, Song Yan and me, borrowed Ariff's Yamaha cool blue motorcycle, putting our asses on the bike. I m so scared of Wei Kai, can he really control this two-wheeled machine?
I took the risk.Wei Kai took the front, me at the centre, Song Yan at the back. Off we go.
We rode excitedly, showing evryone that.. We were riding motorcycle!! Cool huh! These were the directions we're going.
He was crazy. I hugged him as tight as possible. Please, im not a gay. He was going to go for 8okm/hour. SLOW DOWN!! In my heart, yelling.
But our faces were like,"WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!"YIPEE!!
These were our faces when we're on his bike.

Fun and.. Scared! What if i fell?? I saw my biker friends, their injuries were like titanic hit on an iceberg. So clumsy and big and red. Yucks. But if you touch their injuries, they will scream like, "Sssss... Ah!"Back to the story.
Then, he went crazier.
He went like this.
Round and round the flower pots. "WAAAAAA!!!"
I hugged him tighter, 1st time rode my friends bike.. pleasee.. I don't wanna fell on the rough stony tar road.
The last flower pots' space. It's so narrow!!
YESS!!! WE MADE IT! but with a BOOM sound. We fell. Yes, we fell.
Wei Kai hit the muddy floor, I fell on his back and Song Yan hit the tree. Hahahaha. We got injuries. AWWWWW!! AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW AW.
Wei Kai, please go and learn your motorcycle.
It hurts. My knee.