Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Kefira Show!!! xmas musical

merry christmas!

sorry for not updating my bloggy.. coz i m super buzy wit my xmas musical practice.
super bz. 6 hours practice per day. everyday. AND ITS GETTING NEARER!!

its on the 24th december 2008.
very cool. very funny. very touching. very meaningful. tis musical!

anyone who read this, i wanna invite u come to this wonderful celebration of xmas. We reli worked very hard on this show "THE KEFIRA SHOW". Juz for u! we spend a lot of time n money on background, props, and lighting and soundtrack and video.... HIGH STANDARD.

its gonna be ur greatest christmas ever!!!! pls come!
its FREE!!!
I really appreciate you all.
we wil hav a candle light nite in the whole hall in the end of the service too. imagine.
THAT 1000PPL holding candle light in the whole hall. so..
wonderful. bravo.

date: 24 dec 2008
venue: swiss inn hibiscus ballroom
time: 7.30pm

we love you! we got countdown for xmas too. bring ur whole family ya. thx!!