Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something I wanna say.

I always wrote stupid stuff and crazy blogs. Let's have a different one today.
Today is the form 4 basketball match. Well, 4.0 got 2 teams. I'm in the 1st team. We won 2 rounds and lost the 3rd in the quarter-finals. We were exhausted. Whoo!
I really had a great time with you all today. We shouted. We laughed. We played together. We pushed Chicken (Cong Yuan) into the water together.. But, I wanna say..

we lost in the competition,
our spirit is still there.

You all
are the
champions in my heart.

to have stupid and funny friends lik
e you..
Thank you so much.


❤ IceGlacial™ ❤ said...

You should've stayed back longer - we all played frisbee + football on the field after you went home, :D.

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